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Valles de Omaña y Luna Biosphere Reserve

Valles de Omaña y Luna Biosphere Reserve

Interpretation Centre of the Reserve (Murias de Paredes)

It is currently used as an Interpretation and Visitor Reception Centre for the Omaña and Luna Valleys Biosphere Reserve and as a cultural centre for the area, hosting numerous activities organised by local residents, town councils and associations. It is also an exhibition space in which different artists and institutions collaborate.

The interpretation centre has an immersive space in which, through videos, touch screens, dioramas and other contents, the Biosphere Reserve and the region are presented.

Shepherd's Museum (Barrios de Luna)

A remnant of a not too distant time when the transhumance of sheep marked the life of many villages along the generous Luna river, the Museum of the Shepherd encloses within the restored walls of the old school of Los Barrios de Luna, the pastoral tradition of the region.

Everything that is kept in the museum, inaugurated in September 1997 to coincide with the Fiesta del Pastor, has to do with shepherds and their world. With their clothing or the utensils neatly stored in the huts. With the work of the wool, from the spinning to the woven pieces, reflecting the main use of sheep farming. With the animals closest to the shepherds in their transhumance: donkeys that came and went with the loaded altorjas, horses with serons, mastiffs and carriages?

In the spacious and bright old school of Los Barrios de Luna, nostalgia lives on in the form of a museum. A museum that, created thanks to donations or temporary loans, is growing little by little and wants to preserve the essence of a life in which humming sounds, howling wolves, the smell of the mountains and the shepherds dreamt, looking at the clouds, of returning home.

Interpretation centre: the explosion of life in the Cambrian (Miñera de Luna)

Los Barrios de Luna is an enclave of international geological interest. Since the 1950s, geologists and palaeontologists from all over the world have come to Luna to study the valuable information treasured in its rocks, which has allowed us to learn about different aspects of the evolution of the planet and the Cantabrian mountain range.

The Centre has been designed to bring this valuable heritage to the general public.

It brings together various panels and display cases explaining different aspects of local geology, with special attention to the explosion of life that took place in the Cambrian. A highlight is the collection of fossils that the centre offers to the public.


Design Escapes
This beautiful century-old stone cottage has been renovated in 2017, although it retains many familiar details, which will make you feel in an authentic village house.

Casa Salomé

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